Job vacancy Bank BTN (Persero) in 5 regions of Indonesia

Bank BTN or better known by the abbreviation Bank BTN is one of financial institutions banking in Indonesia that have a role in services industry financial by providing a loan products and banking services for actors small and medium enterprises. Bank BTN better known by the financial institutions banking have a role for housing own with credit system. needed back potential new employees in the Bank BTN to meet the needs of human resources through a job as follows :

ODP region Bandung - job fair ITB 27-29 October 2017
requirements :
citizens Indonesiasex men and womenstill single / unmarried and willing not married for bonding officethe age of applicants a maximum of 26 years (not a birthday to-27 in recruitment running)a minimum of educated bachelor s1 of universities / pts leading and has a good reputationindex of accomplishment a cumulative (GPA) minimum 3.00 (scale 4.00)candidates preferably from the Department of economics (management, accounting, and development studies), the law (…

job vacancy Panin Bank Bachelor Degree All Programs

Panin Bank is one of the Bank major commercial in Indonesia. commercial banks this was founded in 1971 merger of the Bank of prosperity, Bank industry Jaya, and Bank industry trade Indonesia. per 2009, Panin Bank recorded as the Bank to-7 the country's largest in terms of the total assets rp.71,2 trillion, with a capital achieve USD. 9,8 trillion and car 23,9%. Panin Bank has a business network more 450 in various major cities in Indonesia and more than 18.500 ATM Alto and ATM network together. business strategy Panin Bank focus on business retail banking. Panin Bank successfully position as one major banks superior in product services consumers and commercial. shareholders Panin Bank is Australia and new Zealand banking group Ltd and public both domestic and international.

at this time Bank Panin open job position as follows:

New Account Officer Program CommercialRelationship Management ProgramSub Branch ManagerPersonal Banker StaffRelationship ManagerProduct Development & Sup…

job vacancy Central bank of asia Placement of 24 Branch Offices in Indonesia.

University of Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) is the largest private Bank in Indonesia founded on February 21, 1957 by the name of the Bank Central Asia NV and never be an important part of Salim group. this Bank able to stand up to now even been hit by the financial crisis Indonesia in 1998. the BCA then saved the government, after the performance recover, this Bank didivestasi and in 2002 fall into the hands of farindo which is a consortium Farallon capital management with group djarum.
now the age of the Bank has more than half a century. a long time and challenging in meet the commitment and keep the trust customers and other stakeholders. the Bank more sturdy to realize the ideals that always "always on the side you". BCA have a vision of a Bank top choice mainstay of people who serves as an important pillar economy Indonesia. BCA try to give the service and the best solution for the customers with banking products and services needed. to continue to improve the performanc…

Job Vacancy Bank Mandiri (Persero) Placement of 20 cities in Indonesia

University the Bank (persero) is the largest Bank in Indonesia in terms of assets, loans, and deposits. this Bank standing on October 2, 1998 as part of the program restructuring banking conducted by the government. in July 1999, four Bank owned by the government that is, the Bank Earth power (BBD), the Bank of Commerce state (BDN), the Bank export import Indonesia (Exim Bank), and development Bank Indonesia (bapindo), incorporated into the Bank.

the history of the fourth Bank (BBD, BDN, Exim Bank, and bapindo) before joining be the Bank, it can be traced over 140 years ago. fourth National Bank has helped establish a history of the development of banking Indonesia, and each has played a crucial role in the economic development in Indonesia. this time the Bank this invite candidates best graduates National and international to join as a program of craft independent.

this program is learning programs work integrated (internship) in the Bank. period of this program is 1 year. if success…

Job Vacancy PT.Bank Mandiri (Persero) Bachelor degree s1 and s2

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test job interview able to ensure the candidate for accep…